Corporate Policies & Philosophy

Feng Ming Construction strives to deliver reliable engineering construction works and services to our clients, while fulfilling high standards in our corporate social responsibilities through the following corporate policies:

  • Providing up-to-date quality assurance and controls that meet established professional standards, and ensuring full compliance to all applicable legislations and internal processes
  • Continual improvement of technical and management capacity with consistent staff training and development
  • Pro-active upgrading of operations with effective and efficient project management systems to facilitate the implementation of quality plans and procedures
  • Adopting Green and Gracious practices for sustainable construction works and activities
  • Commitment to prevention of pollution, depletion of resources, stringent work place health and safety measures and mitigation of public complaint through our environmental, occupational health and safety programs.

To these ends, Feng Ming Construction has set measurable objectives that all staff aim to achieve as a united entity:


  • No Safety, No Work
  • Work progress is not to be achieved at the expense of safety
  • We are committed to creating lifelong bonds through quality, safety, community, and people
  • Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and Retain are to be actively practiced


  • We are responsible for the acceptance, compliance and implementation of policies and safety regulations of the local government and its clients, in addition to our internal policies
  • We believe in our ability and responsibility in building a better society and transforming the lives of the less privileged