Reinforced Concrete Piling

At Ding Feng Resources, all aspects of the piling process are handled in exemplary detail. From driving methods, choice of piling materials, all the way to piling procedures, they are taken into careful consideration when addressing a client's needs. The company's expertise in reinforced concrete piling allows the customisation of services to provide niche solutions for each client.

Temporary Shoring Work

One of Ding Feng Resources' specialisation is in temporary shoring service; an often overlooked yet crucial aspect of all construction projects.

Ding Feng Resources' understanding of the science behind soil conditions enables the company to prevent soil erosion with spot-on precision. This includes the consultation on the use of sheet piles, and/or bearing piles accordingly.

Micro-tunnelling / Pipe Jacking

Ding Feng Resources' in-depth knowledge of Singapore’s urban landscape also makes it an ideal service provider for the construction of sewerage systems with the use of micro-tunnelling, or commonly known as pipe-jacking, a trench-less method.  The company foresee the increasing demand of such service in Singapore and thus had acquire a comprehensive fleet of pipe-jacking machines, ranging from 300mm to 1200mm diameter.  With this new acquisition, Ding Feng Resources’ is confident of providing the whole spectrum of pipe jacking service.