Feng Ming Construction is a well-known specialist in smooth tarmacs, route accessibility and ensuring sufficient vehicle capacity. Our capabilities in road works include:

  • Construction of roads
  • Widening of roads
  • Realignment of roads
  • Extension of roads
  • Diversion of roads
  • Re-marking of roads
  • Maintenance of roads
  • Expansion of road junctions
  • Construction of vehicle bridges
Pedestrian Traffic Diversion

One of the most challenging problems in city centers and urban areas is the need to balance pedestrian management and traffic flow. In our years of experience, we have developed solutions that adhere to the highest standards of safety requirements for:

  • Temporary traffic diversion implementation
  • Permanent traffic schemes
  • Pedestrian overhead bridge construction
Drains, canals & sewers

In developed urban cities such as Singapore, it is imperative to have robust drainage systems that alleviate the effects of torrential rainfall and rising sea levels. We are at the forefront of works such as:

  • Construction of drains, canals and sewers
  • Upgrading of drains, canals and sewers
  • Rehabilitation of drains, canals and sewers
  • Draining improvement solutions

Our drive for innovation and continual improvement have led us to develop capabilities such as:

  • Modular formwork systems
  • Material recycling
  • Design & Build projects
  • Landscaping works