Dingfeng Resources

Company Profile

Since its inception in 2003, Ding Feng Resources has stood with the firm belief that all construction work should be supported by a reliable piling specialist.

Ding Feng Resources ensures that only the best, the committed, and those with the drive to work hard and deliver outstanding value to the company's clients are hired. With the right talent onboard, the company's key work ethos has always been to optimise a client's investment and mitigate risk where possible at the initial stages of construction work.

As part of the company's transparent culture, clear communication is encouraged between clients and project handlers in the creation and execution of piling blueprints. This modus operandi ensures minimum hiccups along with turnovers that abide by a client's strict time constrains.

Confident that the company's expertise and good track record speaks for itself, Ding Feng Resources remain steadfast in its claims of effectuating timely solutions to support niche and large scale construction projects.

Ding Feng Resources is today, one of the few go-to engineering experts in the field of piling and underground sewerage systems.


To be the trusted civil engineering and construction powerhouse in Singapore and Southeast Asia


To create lifelong bonds by providing innovative & eco-friendly solutions, continuous improvement on competency of employees and participation in charity